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Advance Termite offers professional, environmently friendly service in all areas of pest eradication, for commercial clients.

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The best time to provide protection against termites is during the planning and construction phase of a structure. The major objective of subterranean termite control is to establish a chemical barrier between the soil, where termites live and the wood in the structure.


The goal of pre-construction termite treatments is to form a chemical barrier in the ground that will keep subterranean termites from coming up from the soil to feed on the wood structures. Because the area to be treated is free of obstructions (such as a building), this type of treatment is less labor intensive, and requires less termiticide to be used, making the treatment less expensive than treating an existing structure.


Before a building is constructed a termite barrier can be applied to the soil, after it is made level and before the concrete is poured, to prevent future termite intrusion into the building foundation from the soil below.


Advance Termite also offers alternative pest control products, including Bora-Care, an eco-friendly liquid formulated for the interior and exterior control of subterranean termites.

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What? We specialize in getting rid of tricky pests such as Termites, Bed Bugs, Roaches, and Ants while taking measures to prevent them from returning to your property.

Where? Our high quality, affordable pest control services are available throughout the Indianapolis area, including Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Madison, Hancock, Shelby, Johnson, Morgan and Hendricks Counties, and we're available to travel anywhere in Indiana to help you with your pest control issues.

How? Each property is unique, with individual characteristics that may attract termites and pests, so each property will vary in terms of how easy or difficult it will be to treat. Because of this Advance Termite offers several different Armored Pest Protection termite treatment options. Once we have assessed your property we'll give you a thorough explanation of all the treatment options that may work for your specific situation, and we'll recommend which option we feel will be the most effective and affordable.

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